Cosmos Yiapitzoglou, a Greek Naval Intelligence officer, is teamed up with Doundoulakis at the OSS-Turkey Station in Smyrna (Izmir)

ID Card for Helias Doundoulakis at OSS HQ in Washington, DC

Helias Doundoulakis with wireless and guards, Salonica, 1944

Helias Doundoulakis finds his way to Thessaloniki (Salonica) and sets up his phony business in an abandoned textile factory once owned by Greek-Jews

Helias Doundoulakis in Cairo

Leigh Fermor with Tsangarakis in the Psiloritis Mountains, photo by George Doundoulakis

Doundoulakis family in Canton, Ohio, 1924. l. to r. Dimitrios, Helias, George, and Eva, with Uncle Manoli standing

George Doundoulakis formed a resistance organization from 1941-1943, under SOE's operatives Christopher "Monty" Woodhouse, followed by "Tom" Dunbabin, and finally Patrick Leigh Fermor. Leigh Fermor was known by his nom-de-guerre, "Mihalis."

Captain Patrick Leigh Fermor, photo taken by George Doundoulakis

John Androulakis and Helias Doundoulakis

in Cairo, in British uniforms

Helias in 2nd grade, Archanes, Crete, 1930

A Spy Story Audiobook

The Psiloritis Mountains hideout. George on the left, John standing next to him. "Mihalis" Leigh Fermor holding cigarette above Cretan partisan guerrilla leader Manolis Bandouvas, with his bodyguards on the right.

Battle of Crete, May 20th, 1941

Helias Doundoulakis at the OSS-Bari Station

The escape route from Crete to Egypt

Eastern United States

The "Salonica cell" begins, with Nicos Oreopoulos, Cosmas Yiapitzoglou, Helias Doundoulakis, and guards Nikitas and Stavro ... 400 messages are sent over 9 months to OSS-Cairo HQ

Helias Doundoulakis is trained in the OSS "Spy School" in Cairo for six months

George Doundoulakis and John Androulakis in the Psiloritis Mountains

Captain Patrick Leigh Fermor of the SOE, Special Operations Executive

Helias Doundoulakis in Washington, as a guard at OSS HQ 

George and Helias Doundoulakis enlist in the US Army, September, 1943

l. to r.: John Androulakis and Helias Doundoulakis. John always kept a hand grenade in one pocket, and a pistol in the other.

US Army's Signal Corps newspaper

George Doundoulakis and Patrick Leigh Fermor in the Psiloritis Mountains, 1943

Germans encounter stiff resistance from British Commonwealth forces as well as Cretan civilians, but overun the island in ten days.

John Androulakis, SOE saboteur 

George receiving Legion of Merit in Cairo from Gen. Giles

Doundoulakis is trained in the SOE's parachute school and defensive training in Haifa, Palestine

Doundoulakis is sent back to Greece by caique from Alexandria, Egypt, to Smyrna, Turkey, and finally landing on the Halkidiki Region — at Kassandra, the left finger or western-most peninsula

George and Helias, 1926, just after moving to Crete, Greece

George and Helias Doundoulakis enlisting in the US Army, September, 1943

George and Helias Doundoulakis after their successful missions

Doundoulakis brothers in Cairo after their missions, George completing his Volos mission, and Helias completing his Salonica mission

Cpl. Helias Doundoulakis after his mission to Salonica, and back in Cairo's "Spy School"

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Early high school graduation in Heraklion Crete, in  February, 1943. This was actually a clever ruse by the Germans to release a large number of young men into the labor force. Helias seated on right, John Androulakis standing on left.